Today we’ll be talking about a course called “7 figure agency sales systems” which claims to help people get more business and make more money for your agency.

This course is for people who own agencies, are entrepreneurs, or provide services and already sell online. They want to do more than 300 appointments every month.

The course has a specific system that helps you generate 20 to 30 new appointments every single day – this will help you step away from your sales process and offload it to your team.

7 figure agency sales system is a program that contains 50+ video lessons and teaches you how to get appointments, close deals and scale your business. Michael Laurens claims it’s a four step process.

You get access to the course content, as well as lifetime updates, 3 bonuses and access to the private Facebook community. 

Furthermore, as long as you do your research and follow the course content, you’ll be entitled to a 30 day refund of your money should you choose not to continue.

Brief Overview

Are you an agency owner, service provider, or entrepreneur who wants to grow your online sales pipeline?

7-Figure Agency Sales Systems is a program designed to help you scale agency.

It’ll take you from manual prospecting and wondering if this is ever going to work out. All the way to having a very specific system in place that will allow you to generate 20 to 30 booked appointments a day!

You’re going to get a step by step process to building out your prospecting, sales and fulfilment system, and building your sales team so that you can close clients while stepping away from your sales process.

What In The Course

Inside of the course you’ll learn a process to prospect sales and convert those leads into clients. Michael Laurens will teach you how to identify your best potential buyers, create offers that they need, get their contact information with ease and finally convert them in valuable prospects for your team.

You are going to be shown the exact skillset needed for generating 20-30 booked appointments per day without having any doubts of ‘is this ever going to work out’. He starts with an overview of what it takes to build an online agency from scratch or scale up existing agencies so that more qualified leads come in on autopilot! You’re also not alone along this journey – he provides templates of everything inside his system.

This is what you are going to learn inside the course:

– How Michael went from a $30,000+ per year employee and never living on his own to generating over $500 Million in sales.

– The exact skillset needed for generating 20-30 booked appointments each day without any doubts of ‘is this ever going to work out’.

– Exactly how he starts by building an online agency or scaling up an existing agency so that qualified leads come in on autopilot! You’re not alone along your journey – he provides templates of everything inside the system.

– He’s giving away all his personal secrets which have allowed him reach more than 400% revenue growth every single month since 2013 with zero money

What others are saying


“Just landed my first $5,000 a month client. It only took 2 weeks to do that!”

“I just finished the system and I’m really happy with what Michael Laurens has to offer in his course. This is not an ordinary ‘course’ – it’s a full blown online business that can be started for as little as $500, and you’ll have clients pouring into your inbox before you know it.” – Jessica M.

I personally (the writer of this piece) have seen the great benefits of Michaels program. I am making upwards of $40k/mo. I’m Keith by the way. 😉

Course Content

The course is split up into seven modules, as well as access to coaching call recordings and FAQs. Additionally there are bonuses of access to a personalized support and lifetime access to the Facebook group.

​Michael Laurens is the man who created this course, and he’s going to teach you how to build a 7-figure selling machine. I love his plug-and-play campaigns which are proven solutions for gyms, car dealerships, finance services, dentists or ecommerce businesses.

In terms of the course content you’ll get 50 videos across these: 

  • Module 0: 7-Figure Mindset 
  • Module 1: Appointment Setting On-Boarding System
  • Module 2: Employee Portal For Appt Setters
  • Module 3: Client Relationship Manager
  • Module 4: Automating Proposals
  • Module 5: Scripts and Employee Resources
  • Module 6: Employee Portal (Closers)
  • Module 7: Building & Managing Your Team. 

The content is great, Michael is very personable and easy to listen too. It’s clear that he knows his stuff. Looking at testimonials for this course, most of the students are seeing massive success as well.

The private Facebook group currently has 119 members, which is a small number, but it‘s far more impressive than large groups with a few posts each day.

Overall Review

The first thing you should know about this course is that it’s more focused on the basics of creating a sales team for your social media marketing agency, rather than teaching you how to set up and run one yourself.

But appointment setting, it’s the number one way to get more leads and sales, but until now it’s been a paint in the butt to do.

First, you would have to spend money on people who call other people about your business. Michael has a solution and he tells you how to deal with it.

The automation process starts with finding data miners on Upwork, and then follows up by using Clickfunnels training to hire appointment setters. Automation is Michael middle name.

Final Verdict

This is a great course, I’ve seen very few courses like it. A lot of agency courses fail to show you how to actually get appointments and build a sales team.

Michael’s 7 figure agency system fills that gap in the market. I’d rush out and buy this course right now if I were you. You’ll save hours upon hours of sales calls by building a team. 

If you take this program seriously your marketing agency you’re going to well on your way to 6 or 7 figures.